" Klezmer is an interpretation of art and life based not solely on Jewish folklore, but rather on a cosmopolitan divergence of musical genres" Giora Feidman 


Giora Feidman en Guadalajara, Raul Jaurena plays Bandoneon

Giora Feidman in Nothing But Music Part1

A musical passage through time and space with clarinetist Giora Feidman. Excerpts from a live performance. Prinzregenten Theater, M?nchen

Giora Feidman plays El Choclo Tango Klezmer

Giora Feidman who was born in Argentina was deeply impregnated with the Tango culture of Buenos Aires. He plays here El Choclo accompanied by his good friend Raul Jaurena who is one of the best bandoneon artist in the world. Tango and Klezmer blend beautifully thanks to the talent of these two great musicians.

Giora Feidman Plays Klezmer Tunes

Giora Feidman is playing a few popular klezmer nigunim with his unique glass clarinet in front of a live audience who is singing enthusiastically together. This event took place in the old city of Tsfat in Israel. Tsfat is the center of the Jewish spirituality and the cradle of the Kabbalah. This is a wonderful surroundings for Giora Feidman's soulful and driving klezmer music. Recorded by Arik Nitsan

Giora Feidman in Nothing But Music Part2

Giora Feidman plays Klezmer Suite

Giora Feidman plays a Klezmer suite on different clarinets with his unmistakable style and passion. Giora is crossing borders, mixing the Klezmer with classical music to provide a true and meaningful musical experience.

Soloist Giora Feidman Ivan Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra

In an open air concert in Budapest, 2007, clarinetist Giora Feidman, conductor Ivan Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra play Piazzolas Libertango los pajaros

Giora Feidman interprets "In The Mood" by Gil Aldema

Giora Feidman plays in Milano

Giora Feidman and Maxim Vengerov playing Summertime

Two giants at the culmination of their art, pure music, pure moment of joy, a gift, jazz, classical, Klezmer, listen and listen again to Gershwinn's Summertime like you never heard it before

An Homage to Giora

Clarinet Klezmer At Yad Vashem With Giora Feidman

This concert was in the Beit Hakehilot site of the Yad Vashem memorial. This place is literally carved into the Jerusalem bedrocks. On the walls are engraved the names of the 5000 thousands Jewish communities that were destroyed by the nazi barbarity. It is the closing concert of the "Clarinet and Klezmer in the Galilee" master classes. On the stage with Giora Feidman the teachers (Helmut Eisel, Joszef Balogh, Alex Sloutski) and the students of the seminar are playing two nigunim. The first is a composition of Raul Jaurena who according to Astor Piazolla is one of the greatest bandoneon players ever, a nice melody in the pure tradition of the klezmer nigun, the second one is a freylakhs composed by Mula Sajevich, a very versatile Israeli pianist, accordeonist, composer and arranger.

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Giora Feidman
"We have one Torah, one shofar, one flag, and the expression of all that is the nigun, any nigun. It's not a song, it's an energy which results from an interpretation of the faith."




"Long live Giora, his clarinet and his music! He builds bridges between generations, cultures and classes, and he does it with perfect artistry!" Leonard Bernstein