" Klezmer is an interpretation of art and life based not solely on Jewish folklore, but rather on a cosmopolitan divergence of musical genres" Giora Feidman 


The 2010 Clarinet and Klezmer in the Galilee Master Classes

The International Celebration Of Jazz, Classical And Klezmer Clarinet In Tsfat

Magical blending of jazz, classical and klezmer,daniels,Eisel,Feidman,Cuper

As each year- it is already a tradition and a most awaited event for klezmer musicians all over the world- the seventh seminar:" Clarinet and klezmer in the Galilee" will open in the beginning of august 2010. This workshop was founded by the Maestro Giora Feidman as the fulfillment of a vision, of a dream, to provide a spiritual and universal dimension to the musical message of klezmer.

The 2010 edition of the clarinet master classes in Galilee will be held from August 2 to August 9.

To participate to this exceptional 2010 edition, please download the application form for the Clarinet and Klezmer in the Galilee August 2-9, 2010 Tsfat, Israel
Download the brochure of the clarinet master classes.

Leading the program this year are:

Maestro Giora Feidman, Artistic Director
Master Klezmer and Classical Clarinetist, responsible for the revival of Klezmer music. Giora Feidman will
teach a Bass clarinet master class.

Maestro Corrado Giuffredi - Virtuoso and solo clarinetist of the Swiss-Italian Orchestra and La Scala Opera, Professor at the Conservatory of Modena, Italy.

Maestro Raul Jaurena - International Soloist and professor of Bandoneon. World specialist in Tango and Piazzola music, and a long time member of the Giora Feidman Quartet.

Constantin Moscovici - Virtuoso pan-flute soloist, international prize-winner and prodigious recording artist, member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Serghei Lunkevich, Moldova.

Prof. Ilan Schul - President of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; Music Director of The Academy Chamber Orchestra as well as Head of the Clarinet class. An Internationally acclaimed musician, clarinetist and teacher.

Prof. Gersh Geller Saxophone and clariner teacher at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.

Emil Kroytor Solo accordion artist, musical director of the Folklore Orchestra (Moldava); active composer, performer and recording artist in Israel.

Moshe “Moussa” Berlin - Renowned Israeli Klezmer clarinetist.

Eva Wasserman-Margolis - Internationally recognized Classical Clarinetist specializing in Tone Production.

Avi Avital - International mandolin soloist and original repertoire performer; arranger and ensemble leader of traditional music.

Avigail Malachi - Acting producer and talented israeli clarinet artist and teacher.

The musicians and artists who will gather for this occasion will be taught and nurtured in the very special atmosphere of the old city of Tsfat, then will be ready to provide "spiritual food" to their craved audience.
During an entire week, some of the most prominent clarinet players and well-known teachers, from different backgrounds, klezmer, jazz and classical, invited by Giora Feidman for the event will share their experience, knowledge and sensibility with the participants of the master classes.

It is not an academic teaching, but rather a communion, an exchange, a jubilation. According to the affinities between participants and the instruments played, groups are formed and play every evening open air performances for an enthusiastic public.

Traditionally, the closing concert takes place in the Beit Hakehilot site of the Yad Vashem memorial. This place is literally carved into the Jerusalem bedrocks. On the walls are engraved the names of the five thousand Jewish communities that were destroyed by the nazi barbarity. It is the occasion to honor and to remember the victims of the Shoah, especially thousands of musicians who perished in the extermination camps.
The klezmer music played during this exceptional concert brings a real message of hope and peace.

Beside Giora Feidman who is the musical director and the spirit of the Clarinet Klezmer in Galilee, those prestigious artists have already participated to the seminar:
Eddie Daniels the famous jazz clarinetist,
Charles Neidich of the Orpheus Orchestra and Juilliard School of Music,
Philippe Cuper the solo clarinetist of the Paris Opera,
Franklin Cohen principal clarinetist of the Cleveland Orchestra,
Helmut Eisel assistant of Giora Feidman and the master of klezmer improvisation,
Jozsef Balogh Hungarian virtuoso clarinetist and composer,
Raul Jaurena the maestro of bandoneon,
Avi Avital the virtuoso mandolinist,
Eva Wasserman the internationally renowned clarinet teacher and pedagogue,
Hanan Bar Sela clarinet klezmer in the soul and managing director of both the master classes and the Klezmer Festival,

“Moussa” Berlin the legendary Israeli traditional klezmer,
Ilan Schul President of the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

The choice of Tsfat is certainly not aleatory but rather an obviousness.
Tsfat is indeed the cradle of the Jewish Spirituality, the Jewish Mysticism, the place where the Kabbalists found their inspiration. Tsfat is one of the four holy cities in the Judaism.
Beside Klezmer music and Kabbalah, Tsfat is also the home of many artists, painters or sculptors who opened numerous art galleries in the old city.
It is thus natural that Giora Feidman was irresistibly attracted by the spiritual energy of Tsfat like an invisible but powerful magnet.

Klezmer, jazz, classical will be equivalently represented and blended in a unique musical total immersion.
The seminar and master classes "Clarinet and Klezmer in the Galilee" are a tremendous experience of friendship and musical conviviality, a real professional enrichment, the opportunity to meet fellow musicians, to learn from the best teachers in the world, to share knowledge and to live a true Israeli experience.
This klezmer week is the best way to have fun and have a wonderful time while learning and acquire invaluable knowledge.

Download now the registration forms and the brochure of the 2010 clarinet and klezmer master classes.

Tsfat-2008-Helmut Eisel and Friends

When Klezmer in the Galilee seminar ends, begins as a logical continuity, the Tsfat's Klezmer Festival, the "Woodstock" of the klezmer music. The entire city turns into a gigantic concert hall, every town square or available public courtyard is transformed into a live stage, and during three evenings klezmer musicians, soloists, bands, ensembles of all kind, origins and styles play until late in the night. The participants of the seminar are invited to be part of the events and it is a wonderful opportunity to play in front of thousands of klezmer aficionados.

See you in Tsfat

Tsfat is one of the English transcription I adopted throughout the site, among a few variations: Tzfat, Safed, Zfat, Zefat.

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