" Klezmer is an interpretation of art and life based not solely on Jewish folklore, but rather on a cosmopolitan divergence of musical genres" Giora Feidman 


Maxim Solniker

The next klezmer generation

Maxim Solniker in the studio

Maxim Solniker is a young talented musician, playing clarinet in the authentic tradition of the klezmer while creating a personal style and a recognizable sound. He is one of the best representative of the new klezmer generation.

Maxim Solniker was born in 1988, in Moscow. A few years later he emigrated with his family to Israel where he began his musical education, learning clarinet at the Kiryat-Yam conservatory in Israel.

The young Maxim was attracted early by Klezmer music, then he was already listening to the Giora Feidman's music. As a talented student, he earned a full scholarship allowing him to learn at the prestigious Jerusalem Music Academy with Prof. Ilan Schul, the Academy President.

Maxim participated at the first Clarinet and Klezmer Seminar in Galilee. This was the opportunity for him to meet the Maestro Giora Feidman, the founder and musical director of this workshop who immediately recognized the unique talent of Maxim Solniker as an authentic klezmer musician.

Since then, Maxim is successfully touring in Israel and abroad. He performed in Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and in the U.S.A. He is invited to play every Year at the Tsfat Klezmer Festival.

In 2009, he founded a klezmer band "Gatkes", and he released with this band his first CD.
This summer (2010), under the new label "Arik Nitsan Music Publications", he recorded a brand new album,
"Enjoy Klezmer" which brings a lively approach to the klezmer music .

Maxim Solniker Plays Klezmer nigun at the Tsfat Klezmer Festival, august 2010

 In this video Maxim Solniker plays a beautiful and frantic nigun composed by the Israeli composer: Mula Sajevich.


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Giora Feidman
"We have one Torah, one shofar, one flag, and the expression of all that is the nigun, any nigun. It's not a song, it's an energy which results from an interpretation of the faith."




"Long live Giora, his clarinet and his music! He builds bridges between generations, cultures and classes, and he does it with perfect artistry!" Leonard Bernstein